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How it Works



  • CISO as a Service is carried out by a team which further comprises to other services like cyber controls, cyber program management, or risk management.
  • Takes a whole lot of resources to be spent while the expenditure might increase beyond the budget.
  • Our vCISO is an individual patron who works virtually to support your organization by taking up an initiative to lead a project besides solving definite advisory-type intricacies.
  • Can benefit by taking advantage of their expertise with minimal expenditure.


  • By adopting our industry-experienced CTO, our clients analyze the technology they have available, what’s working and what’s not for their company.
  • Our clients take benefit from the vast expertise developed from years of working over many sectors and disciplines.
  • Maximizing their finances, guaranteeing no investment goes to waste.
  • our vCTO can work efficiently to proactively depreciate business disruption risk.
  • Our vCTOs fabricate the team to see all company departments are operating 24/7 On-call to provide peculiar aid to the clients.
  • Our vCTO service comprises technology, infrastructure, centralized communications, cloud, data center, applications, program management, and procurement.


  • Intelligence to envision the technology plan from a business viewpoint
  • Powerful leadership and a precise vision aligned with the company’s objectives
  • The ability to devise the Enterprise Architecture
  • Intelligence to understand the technology and business administration at the same time